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i ♥ kings of leon

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Stephanie said...

I can't believe you returned it!!! :-O
But good for you for doing the right thing and giving it up. If it's not good quality, at that price- it's just not worth it. I know things aren't made as well as they used to be and they charge more today for them which is the fatal irony in the matter, but as much as possible I try and stick to quality for the price. You'll definitely be able to find a decent older one and then it will be perfection--->vintage Balenciaga! YUM!!

Thanks for your comment about the white walls- initially I was like they are so perfect & studio-like, but now I'm just bored. I'm gonna have to give my pharmacology Phd-candidate brother, Sebastien, a lesson in arts and photography so he'll be better equipped to help me out come warmer days. lol. It's definitely a far cry and a work in progress trying to get science kids on the arts train lol.But at least he's good-willed about the venture!

I checked out Emma's blog through your links and it's amazing!!! I love the Swedes and their blogging skills and irresistible looks and style- I just wish I could read what they were writing!

My brother totally has to deal with what Kevin dreads when it comes to magazines- I feel so bad- the other day, a shelf fell because it was so weighed down with magazines! lol! But i can't give them up- I love to collect them and back-browse. My mom always used to get on my case that I was such a pack rat when it came to magazines and she still doesn't get it. When I told her I'd finally completed my inspiration binders, she was like "oh so now you're going to throw out your old magazines?" and I was like "Omgod no! I'm keeping them- plus I didn't rip everything out of them, just carefully selected bits". she sighed. lol!
Fashion Spot is amazing! I just got an invite recently and I love it! I use it for work too.


Mollie said...

please tell me you've loved them since before sex on fire. they are amazing yes, but their past albums were way better and I really can't stand when people obsess over them when they just heard of them.