flash some skin

another day done. sleep in, watch the jays lose, lunch on an avocado and tuna sandwich, work, drink vodka grapefruits at squirrely's, then off to bed. can't wait for my ysl ring to arrive, i'm so in love. must paint my nails turquoise in anticipation.
top and skirt: american apparel
boots: frye
belt: urban
jewelry: urban, vintage, in god we trust, h&m


Arlie said...

I love this outfit! Awesome belt... i love how it peeks out from under the crop top when you are relaxed.

stephanie said...

i love that tee!!!!

such adorable pictures :)


mareeka said...

aw i love your blog, you are so gorgeous and this outift is amaazing... love love love it!

Anonymous said...

cuteeee i love the detail on the belt :)
just wanted to let you know, a store down on kensington sells alternative apparel & american apparel for cheaper!


6roove said...

wow, U so pretty.
Love the skirt, kisses :*

Cindy said...

jenn where? the only place i've seen them at is bungalow and they don't have much selection.