happy father's day daddy!

i love you very much ♥
my dad and my sister 1976/77
and with me in the late 80's


rackkandruin said...

hmmm, i still can't seem to figure out how to make the pictures i upload bigger. . . i tried the picassa thing but my images on the picassa website aren't all of the images i have. .. and when i downloaded picasa to my desktop and did the Blog This option i didn't post any bigger. . . what did you mean "link it" from the picasa site? arghhh, i would be so psyched if i figured out how to make these images bigger. . ..

Sun's Ray said...

very cute

stephanie said...

sooooooo cute!!!


rackkandruin said...

thank you thank you thank you for that link! finally got it! wahoooo

yes, Anywho, great style on those ladies!

Stephanie said...

FYI, lady: leChic and bloglovin' are at odds and i think none of my posts are coming through bloglovin' :)