jetset lovers

hince and moss travel in style.
what a charmed life.
src. popsugar


Hippie Frou Frou said...

very much in style! his boots are hot.

//jess s.

stephanie said...

charmed life is right. how great are these snapshots?! seriously when i saw them, i thought it was soo awesome that he was carrying his guitar, i feel like i don't EVER see guys like that when i'm at the airport- these two are just pure awesome!!!! and her outfit?!!! ummm im freaking over the black cropped blazer, those sunnies on her and the sandals. everyone in TO had them last summer, well the knocks, rememeber? and i guess mtl is late to get on it, cause this summer they're all over steve madden and mtl and i want them so badly, esp. after seeing these snaps of miss moss, but i r e f u s e to buy them, more so because i have such a similar beige studded pair already and all i need is a black pair and it seems impossible to find this summer, so im moving onto fall footwear and clothes now.
speaking of which, saw the most INCREDIBLE Aldo boots: black leather, ankle, silver zipper up the back from the sole to the top, pointy toe and double lined leather on at the toe....anyways they're basically margiela knocks and they will sell like hot cakes! hopefully i'll snag a pair before they go :)

what a rant lol! hope you're doing well, girly :)

style crusader said...

I love them so very much! They are just the quintessential fashion x rock&roll couple! It's a match made in heaven.