marc swallows

you know when you want something so bad you almost feel this panic inside, like maybe you won't be able to get it..... i must have these from the marc by marc jacobs fall collection. not only are they gorgeous but they match my tattoo as well. the med. sized sasha in black, the small sookie in drk brown and the smaller flap pouchette in navy are my favourites. the large evie and large clutch, both in tan, round out the collection. i think i will invest in two of these depending on price and how they look in person. the sasha is tearing my heart apart, total ♥ i adore the dusty brown and navy colours of the smaller bags too. what do you think?


Lainey said...

oh I'm quite in love with all of them!

stephanie said...

you totally need these lol!

I love the shade of blue. it's gorgeous. and the first one too


Kasey said...

I totally understand the nervouse feeling you were talking about!
and i love the black one.
You definetly need them!

Anonymous said...

Give me nr. 4 please.

Anonymous said...

Omg. Where did you get these pics from... I'm dying! These are seriously gorgeous and need to be in my possession IMMEDIATELY!

seo india said...

you are making the win