saturday morning light

new shorts + old boots, perfect match. so happy it's saturday and i'm off work... just want to spend the day reading, scrap booking, sewing and watching skins or gilmore girls on repeat.
also trying to set up true north thrift but i don't know if i should make it an etsy or ebay store
or if i should just set it up as a blog like the trend has been lately? i don't even know if have enough readers to do that. i only have 40 followers.... hmmm decisions to make, any suggestions?
top: uo
shorts: h&m
boots: vintage
necklace: in god we trust
bag: tylie malibu


stephanie said...

This outfit is soooo perfect, lady!

i love those shorts. they look so great the way you styled them with that top. i really want them!!

as for true north thrift, i think you should set up an ebay shop. or etsy. it will broaden your client base and you can link to the store and have the store link to your blog. I think it has more of a "business" vibe too that way.


Michaela said...

Gosh you look pretty! :D

& thanks btw, I'm obsessed with painting cat-eyes :'D A boy-friend of mine (not boyfriend ya know :'D) took that pic of me and suddenly commented on that the dramatical cat-eyes is the way he describes my looks to his friends. (Think he ment it as a compliment, at least he said so.) It's weird 'coz they doesn't fit on many, but I guess i have the sort of eyes that they look good on :')

+ + +

Mimi said...

Great shirt

Kasey said...

What ever you do you must sell some of your clothes! i'm in love with everything you wear!

Hippie Frou Frou said...

great weekend look! and loove those boots! concerning the store I would suggest Ebay, Etsy seems to have things sit around for a while..good luck!

jess s//

Sushi said...

Cute outfit - love the shorts x Sushi

Jolie Roux said...

great shorts and I love thoes shoes.

chantelle said...

i love that bag!