hunters, army coat, tylie, a gray burn out, peach nails and a macbook.
****edit**** this is the best burnout tee. urban outfitters bdg. brand. they just got it in so many colours too. i have it in white, gray and aqua.
coat: h&m
jeans: ag
bag: tylie malibu
boots: hunter
polish: la flair


blackbook said...

perfffffect nailpolish colour...

Monika said...

love your bag;)!! And natural look of your nails;)!!


Michaela said...

Fantastic outfit (as usual), you reminds me of Maggie from Northern Exposure (as I've said before..) so much! Especially with the hunters & the army coat! <3
I just had to say it again :'D

hugs n' kisses!

elsy said...

oh give me that macbook! love

stephanie said...

great post!!!! dont you ADORE the pro? I love mine- just had it sped up with ram last fall- its' better than ever now:)

adore the TEE!! and the polish. the idea behind this post is p u r e g e n i u s