blondes have more fun? these ones do.

the girls of anywho
kill it again
sequins and everlast track shorts, hook eye bandage dresses, cutoffs and hiking boots, boyfriends and bikers.
they have it.


stephanie said...

gorgeous with great style. adore them! though i never visit their blog, only the recap posts the other blogs i visit do of them.


Frank&Rémy said...

they sure have a nice blog

btw you have a very cool blog
keep up the good job

Arlie said...

haha! i love the first one with the everlast shorts.

Hippie Frou Frou said...

last photo girl on the left has it going ON! love'n her look!

jess s//

La Couturier said...

I love all the looks!

La C.

Ingrid (Garments and Gardens) said...

amazing pictures, I really love all of the outfits

F Blog said...

i loveee the girls of anywho!!! they always look amazing.

Anonymous said...

I love the first photo !
Wonderful outfit :)



yes i agree they are killing
def saving these pics for inspiration. keep up the fab posts. will be back for more!
love pistolwhipped xxx

martaannalucja said...

what a great blog! you have the style!!

Song of Style said...

LOVE the first look

Petite Esthète said...

that first look is great!
i love how everyone is mixing sweat shorts with heels :)