no signal

two weeks at the lake wearing next to nothing, enjoying the sun, the company of great friends, my lovely boy, eating, fishing, swimming, sleeping.... but no internet! my bloglovin' list will explode from excess posts and how will i keep up with you all? it all goes down august 8th... i'm still completely looking forward to it.
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Anonymous said...

sounds good
grea pic

stephanie said...

what a blast! hope the weather's good for you!!!!

I leave on the third of august, so i guess i'll catch you when im back! i think ill check my faves upon my return aka: truenorth and then i'll just check "mark all as read" for bloglovin'-seriously barely any time to catch up after the weekend, never mind a week away lol!

dying to see pics of your country jaunt!!!


Olga said...

I took a look at your blog and I love it!


Olga x!

Anonymous said...

i know you don't have internet but i did a post on you today! thanks again for the package!

FashionLayne said...

Ahhh I am jealous. Lucky girl you are!


Karolina said...


I love your blog,

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