on my feet this fall

they have arrived online, get them while you can....
i got mine in black, amazing.

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stephanie said...

hey lady!!

thanks for ALL your comments!! i loved reading them and you totally inspired with your current playlist. pretty sure im gonna buy bruce springsteen's greatest hits album...even if my parents have it and im too lazy to pick it up from their place lol. they have such classic taste in music. i now realize that i grew up listening to some of the best classic songs out there. and layla is soo classic as is Always.

join TWITTER!!! DO IT!! it's really not so bad....but i SO know your angle abt it! i feel the exact same way abt facebook ;)

i'm definitely gonna try and document the road trip. gonna bring my camera and maybe even my tripod. my best friend who im going with is terrible with cameras and HATES being in pictures, talk abt opposites lol! but i have persuaded her to learn the auto setting on my SLR so we can document the trip for the blog! fingers crossed it works out ;)

so glad you like the ring :) i have
a pretty decent DY collection, and ive kinda started wearing the pieces again. actually rachel and i arelikely gonna get "friendhsip DY" bracelets on our trip. prob gonna be the only purchase i make apart from hopefully hitting up Filene's Basement for some one off pieces and unless i see a fall piece i cannot live without- like these boots!!!! wow in black! cant wait to see them and the leggings you spoke of!!!! next time im in h&m im def gonna keep an eye out for them!

and the leopard leggings are from f21 at dundas and yonge ;) saw them in the window last august and HAD to have them.

SO excited you thought abt me for that little something! too sweet!!! thank you soooo much in advance ;) ill email you my mailing address tmr :)