queen of the hair flip

her highness, ms. wasson


stephanie said...

your recent posts are jumpin and jivin' lol!

how do i love erin...let me count the ways...ADORE that velour dress! gorgeous and i love her curly/straight do'- it's always so inspiring ;)


Casey said...

HAHA i love her!
thanks for following my blog as you can tell i don't have many followers... but thats to be expected when your new anyway, i wanted to know if you could invite me to be a member at the fashion spot? it would really help me out!

btw love love love your blog!

Gold Dust Women said...

These photos are badass! GOLDD

CRISTA said...

these pictures are so awesome.

Stefani said...

Thank's for the comment! it really made me happy to hear that u like my blog:)
Those pictures of Erin are so cool! I love seeing pictures of her. I like her eyes.

Emma said...

Erin to a tee! love love love

Sarra R. said...

lord i just love this woman!!!