tumblr ♥

i have found a new love, tumblr.
so many photos. it's heaven.

my favourites

all photos from long live the queen.



I love them all! Especially the first picture, so pretty! =)

Arlie said...

oh yeees, tumblr is amazing.
I adore the last picture of Kate. Precious flowers with a cigarette, of course ;)

CRISTA said...

LOVING all the layers in the first photo!!

stephanie said...

omgod i know, tumblr has some amazing work ! I don't visit it nearly as often as i should!

oh! and so funny, i got my ex-roomie who i mentioned is living in TO so hooked on Terroni's last summer that she's been since moving there this week already and is going back tmr night. I wish i was eating there...like n o w . lol!


Alice in Wardrobe Wonderland said...

Hey! Thank you so much for your comment - lovely! and WOWZA, I adore this photo of Kate, she looks stunning. Your blog is so yummy! Xxx


stephanie said...

it's only $1.99 and the copy i have has three Daria covers (though i work at Rogers and got a copy internally so that might be why) anywaysssss the Canadian magazine market isn't great, but i do like Zink and sometimes Flare and Fashion and i would for sure have bought this issue had i seen it on the newsstands ;)


photos de Mode said...

really beautiful :))

Jess said...

I absolutely love the outfit of the first pic! and i like your blog!

NICOLE said...

the first photo is soo beautiful! i love the outfit!

Shin said...

Gorgeous pictures! I love the one with Kate Moss! xxoxoxo

Gold Dust Women said...

god i love a chunky knit sweater...
3rd pic kills it

Nataliexxx said...

Just blog cruisin' (as I call it)...and I stumbled upon the little treasure that is yours! Glad I did, it's definitely about something <3

You're personal style is definitely on point -truly inspirational!

P.S - I've added your blog to my blog list :-) –will be back shortly...

Much love