will and phil

willa holland at the phillip lim party in la.
i love this girl, she really needs to start doing more work.
i miss her on tv, maybe a return to gossip girl?
love the outfit too and the forest green bag.
s t u n n e r
sr. justjared


Stephanie said...

watching the OC and she's in season three and in GG- she's always got so much attitude in the characters she plays. <3 her. she's pretty good in the OC. she's also a b e a u t y . but mischa steals my <3, even if her acting wasn't all that in the OC. her looks sure are.


Lainey said...

Gosh, I am absolutely in love with her outfit. She looks so immaculately put together! an A+!

thischicksgotstyle said...

Thanks for your sweet comment!!
I got it on ebay.com, and searched for leather legging or something!!
Your blog is great by the way!!


Stefani said...

She's really pretty! she always seems to play the tough chic in her movies, which I like actually. She seems to be into the small indie movies, that's maybe why we don't hear so much about her work...


She is so pretty! Amazing outfit, too!

KAELA said...

Mmm she is very pretty... and I love her outfit too!