you can't have s. without b.

leighton in an emilio de la morena dress
and alexandre birman booties
plus blair and chuck 'cause it's friday.


stephanie said...

cool shots! I was just at an event yesterday with her hairstylist, Charles Baker- he's sooooo sweet! and grounded. and he told me he did her MET Gala hair amongst many other red carpet events. prob this one too. he also said he's shooting her this weekend. i think, for Vogue Tokyo? maybe....i don't know. anyways.....cool that chuck and b are right in front of m0851- pretty sure that's a MTL label. buttery soft leather pieces though i don't own any.


Queen of the World said...


Elyse said...

I love gossip girl and especially leighton/blaire! Her outfit in the second picture is amazing! I especially like her shoes with her dress.

Anonymous said...

she makes med crumble!

Bench fan said...

Shes got the coolest style going on right now!!really getting into gossip girl just now 2!