and your little dogs too

sienna with porgy and bess


stephanie said...

the nylon video of her is so great! she seems really funny, adorable and super friendly in it.

i'm not really a dog person (though my family r e a l l y is) but this summer i saw a maltipoo identical to blake likvely's and i fell in loveeeee. i haven't stopped thinking about wanting that dog since then. it needs to be the same exact breed (caramel hair and all) as blakes. and i'm gonna name him RVCA ;) but the other day, someone who gives me great advice often, kinda crushed my rvca dream by telling me that i need to snag a BF before i buy a dog, otherwise i will just be alienating myself even more than being single from meeting someone....kinda true (dogs are such a full time commitment) but it really broke my dream :(


Rackk and Ruin said...

old sienna was the best. . . when we were still wondering who she was. . . amazing style.