i love sienna miller

this video pretty much sums up why.
she's fun, real, loves her dogs ♥, has great style that isn't "try hard"
she wears her fav. pieces over and over, can rock flip flops or uggs without being a fashion victim, and isn't a slave to trends.
all romance/guy/dating crap aside, because really who cares?
she's the kind of girl i'd love to hang out with.
i'm doing a little sienna style retrospect on tns over the next few days, so expect a lot of her.


LAYNE said...

This video makes me smile!

I love her just as well.

thanks for sharing,


Antonio Barros said...

Everybody loves her!

the singular

stephanie said...

you saw WWW today, right? :)


Lainey said...

Wow, she is utterly fascinating and amazing. She blows me away. I think I just fell in love with her all over again.

Unknown said...

She seems really sweet, fun and easy going:) Like that!

stephanie said...

we have to! i'm going from the thurs the 8th to the 11th. not sure where i'm staying yet, pending on a potentially free night...but ideally id like to stay by central park.

Porter is the BEST! i have points with AC so i'll fly with them, but will be wishing i was on Porter :)

anywayssss we have to meet up FOR SURE!! we should go do Topshop and Barneys together!! :)


Jenny Cindy said...

I honestyl never liked her and never understood the hype at all but that video just changed my view on her =P. She seems like such a sweet and down to earth person and good gosh - she's absolutely stunning!

O'STYLE said...

I love her!

And thank so much!

Olga xoxo!!