i spy

i love my sunglasses collection. left column from top to bottom:  oliver peoples pandorra, roxy breakfast club, oakley frogsters, vintage rayban wayfarer, linda farrow vintage aviators. right column from top to bottom: cheapies from beacon's closet, forever 21, mango and h&m. spy optic valentina (top) and clarice (bottom).

due to my big cheeked roundish face shape it centers around two styles, retro and the over sized wayfarer but, there's always been something missing. all my friends and especially my guy are loyal and proud supporters of spy optics sunglasses. i've never been able to get a hands on the right pair for me, until now that is. this week i bought a pair of tortoise shell valentina's and thanks to d. received an amazing pair of cherry clarice's with mirrored lenses. i'm so happy with them! i can't wait to see what spy releases next season to add to my collection. check out their whole line here.
the boy wearing spy optic's oasis and wilshire. he also loves his clash and cloverdale styles.


Anonymous said...

You have such a gorgeous smile!

Antonio Barros said...

The linda farrow vintage aviators are amazing!!!

Unknown said...

I love your sunglasses collection too! Hahahaha! The reflection of the sunglasses is so cool! You are beautiful rocking those glasses!
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stephanie said...

You have such a great collection!!!
Adore the last ones on you...i just got back from the road trip so excuse the exhaustedness as i tried to read the text here (lol) i think these are the pair you just got- the tortoise shell valentinas and they fit you amazingly!!! + could they have a more awesome name?!!!!


Anonymous said...

You look like Sloane (the girlfriend) from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

P.S. i was googling Spy Oasis and found your site. Nice Shades.

thomas said...

Those are great! I love spys...and I actually have started a site reviewing Spy Optic glasses. Take a look and let me know what you think, and let me know which pair I should review next! Thanks!