leopard, lace, croc and cropped

how does she make this work?
sienna looking amazing promoting g.i. joe.
love the total look, but the pants are creating serious jealousy.

by the way. see "the hangover". i funniest f***kin movie i've ever, ever, seen.
src. justjared


Antonio Barros said...

Cool blog!

I will start to follow!

yiqin; said...

Her pants are so fab.

Alexandra said...

cool blog!!!

i love sienna miller!!



I love Sienna! Whatever she is wearing, she always looks stunning! <3

D E E said...

I love those pants!

Thanks for your lovely comment! We do have smarties here. They are my favourite! I like them much better than m&ms. I want a pack now! x x

Panda said...

Love what shes wearing!

Cute blog, btw,

Panda xx

Olga said...

OMG! I want those printed pants!



Stefani said...

hmm... I don't like this outfit, but she definitley look better than if someone else would wear it. Those shoes looks really cool though:)
And about Lindsay, yeah I know, she wears alot what's in right now but I think she still manage to be pretty unpredictable and look cool, which very few other Hollywood starlets do. And I like seeing someone wearing Wang and Balmain like she has been doing, because I love their design:)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i agree with you, she definitly makes it work. some people are just born with it. if i took on that outfit, i would probably look like a clown.

really cool blog btw. /M

Anonymous said...

I think sienna looks absolutely marvelous here, its one of those outfits that shouldn't work but just does..I love it x

La Couturier said...

I'm in love with her bag!

La C.

Jowy said...


One Love,

LAYNE said...

she is my favorite. seriously.

stephanie said...

I d i e over that bag- seriously gorgoeus, i don't think i'll ever stop lusting after it....just read her Nylon article and wasn't really impressed- she says some really out there things....i.e.: "i'm really pretentious." not a fan of (self proclaimed) pretentious people.