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i've been thinking about getting one of these michael kors chronograph watches. i've seen them in tons of magazines and on the wrists of the lovely carly and my fav. ebay make up blogger lollipop26 (check her out, her videos are so addictive). they run for around 250$ 

what do you think? and which one? i'm leaning towards the rose gold (i adore rose gold) or the black. there is an awesome black steel one with black numbers in the sept. instyle but i could only find a pic. of the white numbered version online.


Jess said...

hmm, i think gold or black.

stilettolover91 said...

I like the rose gold one the most!! Very kool watch!!


Elle said...

rose gold ...so classy

Anonymous said...

I love this watch. I think I may have to get one too :)

skeleta said...

I'd get black or gold ^.^! I think shopbop has the gold and silver. I really adore the big watches.

Stephanie said...

I love love love rose gold. while i dont own any jewelry in that gold, i find it suits my skin far better than gold or silver it seems more subtle for my medium fair tone. anywaysssss you shoudl get it for sure! and so funny, cause i was just reading this www newsletter from the pov of an ELLE stylist and he said he was loving the MK watches and that most stylists were obsessed with them because they are $250 but look like they're worth far more.

so: get the rose gold!!!


Lily said...

cool watches...i think i might go with the gold one:)))


La Couturier said...

Haha you know I love Lollipop26 too (:

Definitely the rose gold! I looove rose gold (and silver too), but it's more unconventional & unique! I'm looking at the silver... (:

La C.