twice as nice

some of my favourite pairs. you can catch most of them on my side bar permanently, but i thought they deserved a post too.
  • spent the rainy days at the cottage reading and re-watching gilmore girls season two for the hundredth time. rory and jess ♥
  • you got to love alexa and alexis too. check out the shoes. i want alexis', they're supposedly h&m.
  • b and bass. enough said
  • lastly taylor and kristen from the new entertainment weekly. i love this photo shoot. you will see more from it.


anda said...

great post.


Charlotte said...

Oh wow, that 'Bella and Jacob' photoshoot is so nice.
I love your blog btw, especially the sidebar.. Cassie is wicked, and Kristen Stewart hair envy is so true, I've got it too :0


stephanie said...

I loveeeee that shot of B and chuck. so h o t t t t t. have been watching season two. love it.