the good stuff.

it's been so long since an outfit post. i have so many lined up. some, like this one, are from my birthday and almost a month old. must catch up.
earrings: vintage
rings 1st picture: (l to r,t to b) street stall, vintage, thex, tiffany's
rings 2nd picture: (l to r,t to b) street stall, vintage, gift
bag: mulberry brooke
shoes: nine west


Anonymous said...

I love the chain on your Mulberry bag.

Glamour Bbey said...

Wauw! I love everything!

O'Style said...

Good stuff and I love the color nails!



Monika P. said...

wow, great! :O


Stephanie said...

love everything in this post! you take such great pics of your accessories :) I'm sure these will resurface on other blogs like the shot you took of your ysl ring. kind of obsessed with those earrings: I have a pair from India that I bought at the woven gardens here in Mtl- I know you'd love them+ it makes me think that if you ever come to mtl we have to go there so you can get some awsome one off pieces.

so in loveeeeee with the nine west wedges and your perfectly manicured toes: coral is gorgeous on you.

I'm trying so hard to save for NYC: my wishlist is so longgggg- I'm really not sure what to buy and I really don't wanna buy a ton- just a few key essentials. like skirts, I really need a ton and I'm so tempted to buy The Row Kendall dress- I want to make one investment purchase though not sure what'll be yet ..... to be continued lol


Lainey said...

I'm in love with everything...but especially the wolf ring, the snake ring, and the chain strap bag! But seriously, ALL gorgeous.

Nika said...

wow, I love all these pieces, especially the ring!

Clearly Beautiful Blog said...

I love the moonstone ring. It's supposed to calm people down and curb mood swings. :)


Kate. said...

Your rings are so cool! I want that wolf ring. Love vintage jewellery. x)

Signe said...

I fell in love with the wolf ring too! Thanks for great inspiration :)

M a z p e said...

love all that silvers with such a bohemian style

Mara said...

wow these pieces are awesome! lucky girl!

Isabella said...

love the rings, great blog. :)