i follow about 100 blogs. i try very hard not to forget where i pick up images because i hate when people post my stuff without giving credit back, still sometimes it happens.
if these belong to you drop me a shout, i'd love to link back to you and give you props for posting photos that truly transport. with summer ending and the city getting me down a girl can dream about days like these.

*** a few blog notes. i've greatly expanded my labeling so if you like a post click on the corresponding label for related items.
it's taking a long time to redo almost 2 years of posts but i'll get there. i've also tried to re-size some posts too. i won't do everything as that is just too much of a process, but it is bringing new life to some older stuff on tns. for example, if you're new to miss alexa chung i've done loads of posts on her style in the past and they're all re-sized so check out the archives.

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