makeup/fashion haul video 1

after obsessively watching make up gurus like lollipop26 and all that glitters21 doing haul videos i decided to try my hand at doing my own fashion and beauty one.
so here's a look at some recent purchases that i've been loving. let me know if you like the haul video idea and whether i should do these on a semi-regular basis.
then if you want to see more videos check out my favourite makeup gurus on youtube.
laura at lollipop26
elle at allthatglitters21
blair at juicystar07
aubrey at fafinettex3


bryna said...

so cute!

Lainey said...

you should check out Kandee Johnson too! She's absolutely amazing!

Kate. said...

I like it, I think you could do this more often. It's always fun to see what other people like and what they're buying, make up or clothes...

I love your t-shirt by the way!

Kandee Johnson on youtube is really good, if you're looking for some make-up tutorials, or UK based pixiwoo. She is amazing too.


Anonymous said...

L O V E those scarves, and that vintage cardigan, with the two pockets on the one side.
You should do this more often, it's super friendly.

Song of Style said...

ur so gorgeous
btw, charcoal is a mutt. the shelter said he is a chiuhuaha mix but we think he is more of a papillon mix.`

Stephanie said...

OMGODDDDD how cue are you, lady?!!!!! I love this video and you actually gave me a fresh perspective on my life at work every day! im not such a beauty junkie truth be told, but you could totally convert me lol!@

need to go purchase mod about you ASAP. currently sick though....so hopefully will feel better this weekend.


olga_p said...

love your h&m scarves, ill buy one too:))