mulberry s/s2010. o m g.

i have never wanted any handbag as much in my life.
the fringed daria is amazing.
but nothing... n o t h i n g! beats the alexa.
i want it so badly.
and the mini version and the leopard ;).
the braided handle, the double buckles, the cross body strap....
it's love.
src. alexa care of knight cat and fashion-canvas
the amazing bag shots from mymanybags, love!


Jess said...

Yes, right when i saw that picture, i wanted that bag. it looks especially good in the last picture. Love it!

Mila said...

Oh wow in love with the first look

Cindy Van Dyck said...

They're great!

Cecilia said...

I love your blog!
I wonder if you can help me... how do you get your photos so big, which HTML do you use, and how did you get it... I've just got a blog and don't understand anything... Can you please help me? :D

stephanie said...

oh you need the Alexa! start saving, lady lol! ;)

as for the concert. we got in at 715 and the opening band, glasvegas came on right on time. and we were seriously sooooo close to the stage! the floor wasnt packed.(i cant believe pple went to see them and bought seat tickets! anywayssss as for stage presence, the guitar skills and the singing is unreal!! you'll DIE! but the only person who talks at all is Caleb and he seriously seemed to angry all the time! but there were some thank yous in there! anyways, it really felt like a real-time rock concert and with all their big hits and the venue (the bell center where the habs play, the equivalent of the maple leaf stadium)I really didnt know what to expect. it would have been unreal at a smaller venue like Metropolis over here. I dont really know why they picked the bell center, a smaller venue would have meant weeding out all the shitty fans, caleb was cursing all night long.

anywayssss they play a handful of their older songs and even though all the screaming isnt really my thing, i was soaking it with the awesome floor crowd (seriously that crowd is WHERE ITS AT at KoL and im sooo happy you're gonna experience the floor gang as well!) and their instrument skills.
they're so hard core, really. and arent they mormon too? and matts the son of a pentecostal preacher! ironic.

OK enough! lol! cant WAIT to hear your review!!!!!


Bianca said...

simply amazing
just found your blog and we are in love

the crumpet girls