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diane is queen of the girl in boys clothing look. love the glasses and the oxfords.
yum. starbucks and westwick, many dirty thoughts.
the most stylish bartenders, shaken or stirred?
windswept. hoodie/hair love.
this is how i drink with a cup and saucer.
it's weird seeing someone else do something you always associate with yourself. it made me smile.
so pretty. curls and frills.
stunning alexa, wow eyes & great nails.
canadawhore, longlivethequeen, glitter mixed with rockandroll


Jenn said...

hey! :) i was wondering where some of your fav. thrift stores where?

also (if you didn't knowvalready) there's a goodwill outlet store! its AMAZING.. carts of random stuff everywhere and it's by the pound!! i bought an awesome vintage messenger bag there for 0.50$.
here's the address:

Goodwill Community Outlet Store
50 Emblem Crt.
Scarborough, ON M1S 1B1

Fashion Chalet said...

Great post. Def. saving it all into my inspiration folder =)

Chuck, Diane.. le Sigh! x


Cindy said...

jenn- fav. thrift stores.
i am a true value village girl. i love the one on lansdowne and bloor and i love the ones outside the city, esp. in my home town of brampton and in barrie.

the one on the danforth is too sketchy. i also find the goodwill.salvation army usually a waist of time. but i did shop at the by the pound when it was on dundas. so i'd check out the new location.

vintage wise i love he ossington strip. vintage mix, miss u and badlands. i love vintage 69 and public butter on queen west and in the market courage my love and there's a shop on augusta that's very old school kensington, beside the empanada store on the west side. those are my haunts.

Stephanie said...

Love the soft curls and frills too ;)


Kristiane said...

Inspirational photos! loved them all..

The Beautiful And Glammed said...

amazing images!! following your blog NOW! So glad we stumbled upon it, seriously great images x