wind swept

take me a w a y......


Sara said...

Oh, Nice with the eyeshadow!

stephanie said...

such a great post! Love the hair in the first shot-- i can totally relate and then your locks get all "stringy" lol! and the eyeshadow in the second picture is beautiful. great title too.

hope you had a good weekend, lady ;)


O'STYLE said...

The softest side of fashion!

I like the color eyeshadow, so juicy!



Unknown said...

hey there- thanks so much for your comment, nothing like a good wolf shirt.
love yours too but I desperately didn't want to give in to h&m, I buy there way too often.
you also wrote about the vanilla fur gilet some time ago if I remember it right, I always loved it on sienna and got it last year.
it has become such a wardrobe staple to me, I wear it all of the time.

I'm gonna link back to you, great blog, it's a shame that there's a hype about some blogs when there are others who are equally great that just seem to be unnoticed.


Cindy Van Dyck said...

Lovely pictures!

Unknown said...

so good pictures !


noirohio vintage said...

that first photo is breathtaking!!