boot scoot

over the knee socks, scrunched down+knee high boots= a look i love.
so happy my mom got me a bunch on her trip.
these are an older pair and they have a great crochet detail.

i feel like you guys need a life update, but there's really not much going on.
i prepping for my nyc trip in a week and a half, working a lot and enjoying the fall.
i'm loving gossipgirl and vampire diaries. my sister bought me the jurassic park dvd so i'm hyped to watch that in the next few days and i'm excited to get away with the boy up north next week for a mini-break. he's a musician and he leaves on sunday to spend a few weeks writing at a cabin on the shores of lake huron. he'll have no car, tv, internet or other distractions, but i still get to come visit ;)
top: urban outfitters
skirt: american eagle
boots: ralph lauren, thrifted
socks: forever 21


Kendra said...

Great blog :)


clash of cooper said...

yes the boots and socks are hotttt :D
and necklace looks rather pretty too

Stephanie said...

it says books instead of boots and i was like she has thrifted ralph lauren books?! lol!

love the socks on you- such a great look all scrunched like that with these obviously awesome quality boots. <3.


Glamour Bbey said...

Great look!

Samantha said...

I really love your blog!

PS: Exchange links? :)

Posh said...

Nice look, love the socks with the boots!

stephanie said...

just wanted to tell you that you're so right about the dress, I noticed it in other shots on his blog and i was like what is she wearing?! Plus its entirely unflattering, i find.
I guess i was so distracted by the beauty of the picture with the lighting and their happiness that it temporarily distracted me from what she was actually wearing lol!


imane said...

you rocks !

beautifull legs grls
cheeky girl