byrdie bell

i'm in complete lust with every piece of byrdie bell's wardrobe.
this socialite/actress has some incredible pieces.
check out the fantastic site style like you for more information and pictures of her closet. it's one of my favourite sites. nothing is better then being a voyeur and getting a peak at what makes some of the most stylish people around excited about clothes.
byrdie, i would like your dior oxfords, rick owens jacket and that amazing vintage denim....


Stephanie said...

really cool video. I don't know much about her but from what ive seen, i like her. she also seems really sweet and obv. has a killer style.
love the black lace-ups on her and the US weekly with Pratt on the floor-LOL. I could go for her black slip, the fact that she said she wears it everyday makes me believe it's so comfy and worn in and also make me think about those piece you love and wear to death and then worry they might one day just fall apart and what would you do without them.
her apt or the location of this video is also really awesome and seems to have so much character and i loved the bit about not buying anything for a month and then buying something $$$-- that's been far more my vibe lately.


Lainey said...

She is absolutely amazing! Truly blows my mind...hey, do you mind if I end up posting this vid on my own blog in the future?

diamondsinchampagne said...

Could you please tell me what designer those lace up boots are, I am in LOVE with them (not the stripper ones, the black leather ones)