fashion and beauty haul #2

this is my second haul video. it features recent beauty purchases from gosh and mac cosmetics, as well as all the goodies my parents picked up for me on their trip to portugal. i'm a very lucky girl.
as always, i appreciate feedback on these videos and if there are any particular things you'd like to see in them.
i will probably do another haul video after i return from my nyc trip next week, because i'm sure i'll be doing a lot of shopping.

***side note, how good is gossip girl and vampire diaries so far? i'm loving them. it was so sweet when chuck was trying to keep blair motivated on her school domination this week, he's the best. i;m also freakishly obsessed with hell's kitchen, which is weird as i've never watched the show before. i really want dave to win, team one armed bandit. he would fit in perfectly in whistler.


O'Style said...

You are lovely and your voice sounds so sweetie. The pity is that I can't listen to you very well because the sound loudspeaker is very low and I have mine at the maximum power!

Anyway love it!


Anonymous said...

Wow, your mom must love you a lot! Hahaha...

Fashion Chalet said...

Thank you :)
and what a fab-tutoriaL! :)