alexa and kate

check out this video of alexa chung and kate lanphear at armani exchange's latest event. alexa talks about her favourite clothing picks and kate gets excited about "getting her disco on" in some a/x glitter. i never expected her to talk like this. she comes of as very cool and a bit unaffected but in this video she's so animated. in fact, dare i say it, i think she has a case of the "clueless syndrome" (clueless syndrome: permeant vocabulary and speech damage from being influenced by the clueless film during development, leads to voice inflictions that make every sentence sound like you're asking a question and the over use of the word "like", "you know?"). which makes me like totally feel a little better about being a victim of it as well. sorry about the watermark on the above picture but i had to post it anyway. it is my favourite shot of alexa from the a/x event and how cute is she with that dog?
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Alyssa Kwan said...

I totally agree on your comment about Kate Lanphear. Was not expecting that at all! The 'clueless syndrome' bit made me laugh. Thanks for posting this!

Ashley said...

Alexa and the puppy are both so adorable ;)


Christina said...

I've never seen Kate on video and this surprised me too, I was also expecting her personality to be a little more "unaffected". Alexa is great though, love that sound bite about Lady Gaga's "muted" outfit :)

Ruth said...

Go Alexa,

Ruth @ Matches


stephanie said...

i loveeeee the comment: im gonna party like it' 1999 but it's not it's 2009 y'all" LOL!!!! amazinggggly delivered, alexa.

agree about kate. hilarious. lol.
my dad used to have this obsession when i lived at home and he's count OUT LOUD how many times i said "like" while speaking to him. Drove me nutsssssss but i always got where he was coming from. he's the most intellectual/brightest man i've ever met and i actually always felt bad that i was raised on "like" and couldn't purge it from my lexicon. still havent but i say it less. he'd always say, funny you say it in conversation but you never write it in texts or emails...he's right about that too. not sure why...

i.want.her chanel. one day will hopefully be earning enough to buy myself one.