nothing but a miracle

i love this song.
diane birch is so inspiring. a true artist, great musician and singer.
i love her look too, the bold bang, the hats, the little vests and pink lips.
she's both a throwback to a better time in music and something fresh.
check out the official video from her first single, nothing but a miracle, from her album bible belt above and her duet of it with daryl hall from one of my favourite groups, hall and oates. i can only imagine how cool it would be to play with a legend like him.
if you like it check out the pair of them doing more of her songs and some hall and oates classics on live from daryl's house.
it a great series shot live from daryl's house where he jams with diane and other artists, the chromeo ones are really good too.


Stephanie said...

this song is soooo good, lady!!! and you're right- she's got a great look!!!

i thought she was daisy lowe initially.


Isabella said...

Love the song!


Nubiasnonsense said...

Her music is so good and shes gorgeous

Stephanie said...

I bought the skin finish in soft and gentle btw! and i LOVE it!!!!!


Fabi Pina said...

Thnaks for the introduction! She definitely has the cool factor.


Stephanie said...

Bloggers should get interest lol! I totally bought that product cause it looked to good on you and I WORK in Beauty LOL! the PRs werent able to sell it to me that well. I wanted to tell the girl i got the product knowledge from a blogger to point out blogging relevance. but i kept it to myself in the end.

I got some pretty awesome things. my best friend and family really treat me on my birthday (and im not even the "its my birthday lets make a big deal" kinda girl) but i got a beautiful blush pink scarf from Holts. a thin thin silk leopard headband (both from 2 friends) and the big present was a Biltmore couch from my parents. Im apt hunting right now and i have been dreaming about a Biltmore (google them) couch since the day i moved into my current apt: they are stuffed with feathers, massive and custom made to order! You literally sink into them- no need for a bed almost lol. I was soooo surprised at that gift!
and Sebastien got my the ChloƩ gift box :) <3.

my current / elliotts ripped today! i am sooooo sad because they were the perfect leggings jeans and they were that grey blue shade which is hard to find in jeans :( truth be told, though i kinda saw it coming because they were sooooo thin you could almost see through the cotton on the ass. Now i have to find another pair i guess.


Kim said...

awww she is soo beautiful:) L O V E the song

Kim X


Veronicahhh said...

wow, i cant believe i didnt know her!! totally bought this album... such a talent!!!!

A and A said...

looove this. thank you for sharing the gems of your life...
lots of love from San Francisco.
cheers. xx alex and amy