port elgin part 1.

on the beach, it was pretty overcast this day and very windy. there are wind farms all around port elgin.

our rented cottage, it's like a little boat. the boy matches the blue paint, so cute.

on the edge of lake huron, it's so wild looking.

ladybugs!!! they were everywhere, but they esp. loved this log. they would get all over your legs too.

i'm going to split up the port elgin posts in days so it's not a ton of photos in one blog.
keep in mind my up north fashion sense differs from my city attire. it's leggings, over sized tees, sweats, uggs, moccasins, work socks, no make up, wind swept hair and chucks.
in the city i drink starbucks, in the north tim hortons bitches.
coat and scarf: h&m leggings: aritzia, shoes: chucks, socks: wal-mart.


somedaynewyorker said...

Oh my gosh. The photo of the lady bugs is amazing. They look so delicate and beautiful.

Northern Belle said...

love the ladybugs picture.
and the house

Anonymous said...

I wish I was at the beach. It looks gorgeous out there.

And the house is so cute.


Theresa said...

hey there, your blog is awesome, I just became a new reader!

The pants are british size 8, it's european 36. Yeah they're real leather, so it's might getting a little bit hot in them.

JRA said...

I want to go to that cottage please. Love the photos. Put more up please.

stephanie said...

omgoddd you're hilarious ! but i already knew that! love these shots! esp the ladybugs and you in your cozy attire :) we don't have to be all fashion and starbucks all the time. sometimes a girl needs a little comfy and a dose of timmy ho's. lol!


Alexa said...

I am LOVING your parka and the way you styled it here. It's just plain cool. Nothing more nothing less.

Arlie said...

aaah! i loooove ladybugs. i prob would have tried to bring the whole tree of them home with me.

Jessica said...

canadian all the way girl!! yea timmies <3

and the ladybugs are beautiful

i love your blog.. something I can really relate to.. I'm from a small town north of Toronto that no one's heard of!! i'm feeling u on "true north style"... very authentic.. keep up the wonderful posts :)