7 things

i was given a blog award from j. of things that make you go mmm.
i have to tell you guys seven things about myself and then pass it on to 7 more
lovely bloggers who then have to do the same. so here goes...
  1. i buy tons of books but i usually just end up re-reading my favourites over and over.
  2. over 50% of my wardrobe is vintage or thrifted. + have two big boxes of clothes in my room to "sell on ebay" but i never get around to it.
  3. i can eat cereal for every meal, but with the exception of captain crunch, i only like boring cereal like corn flakes, rice crispies and multi- grain cheerios. + all my life i've only ever eaten it with skim milk
  4. i'm a good sleeper but i can never fall asleep. i go to bed around 3-4am every night. i am not a morning person, but i wish i was.
  5. the first fashion blog i ever loved was style bytes. i miss you agathe!
  6. i haven't dyed my hair in 5 years
  7. my favourite tv show of all time is heartbreak high, why isn't it on dvd?
i award: ringo have a banana, le cheap ces't chic, fashion canvas, this chick's got style,
i love all your blogs!


Grace said...

I only eat 'boring' cereal also! Actually all my breakfast foods are boring, plain oatmeal, unfrosted poptarts...

Love Grace.

ps. lovely blog!

Stephanie said...

oh so cute! loved your answers :) I might actually do this one :)


Veronicahhh said...

good call on never dying your hair!!! i never will ever again, havent in 5+ years.