black and golden

it's been forever since i did a true outfit post and not just up north relaxing gear. these pics are old, probably a few weeks as my hair isn't cut in them. i even still have to do my nyc posts from october, eek.
i mentioned how i missed this old hair and i still kind of do but my bangs are at that grown out stage where they're starting to look really good so i've been loving the new hair lately.
i'm wearing my zara biker jacket which i adore. i tried to wear it as much a possible before it got too cold so i could try and work the leather in. i think it's going to be one of those "forever" pieces ♥ thanks again mom and dad! these h&m shoes are another fav. i find it so odd that some of my most comfortable shoes are cheap non-leather ones. i can walk forever in these puppies. weird.
today i'm going to try to get some xmas stuff done. i have to finish buying my secret santa gift today as our big staff party open bar blow out is on sunday. such a legendary event, lol. sure to be diseased as they say. to my northern hemisphere readers, stay warm lovelies!
dress: aritzia
tights: american eagle
boots and scarf: h&m
tank" club monaco
necklace and belt: vintage
jacket: zara


Taylor Sterling said...

great jacket I love the leather!

Veronicahhh said...

give us a smile, pussycat!

Stephanie said...

hi lady! this look is beyond amazing on you!! and it has everything i love in it! charcola purple and opaque tights, lace up boots and that l e a t h e r number! j'adore!!!

I laughed at your comment the other day! Your pine cone bath and body candle lol! I hope it does the trick and makes up for the lack of tree :( we were also kinda lazy about ours this year, and i even ended up decorating it alone with my brother in the other room, going: .Im just studying, ill be right there" and then the tree was done lol! so i hear ya this year. is it just me, or is everyone a little less in the spirit this year?

and your friend Nate is so right!!! im glad im not the only one who's too lazy to photograph outfits! still trying to keep up with this iphone thing...lol! got my computer fixed and i think it's actually good to go now! if it could hold on for another 6 months that would be so ideal!! It actually now has Leopard software as opposed to Tiger which makes me feel so up to date! i was missing out on stuff! yesterday i was saving some of the pictures from true north loves and they save as thumbnails now! before it was just written jpg. soooo cool! lol!
now i just have to re-load e v e r y t h i n g! hoping to visit VV this weekend! need to help the brother find a Blow/yachting inspired costume for nye...


Isabella said...

cute outfit!


davis said...

love the stripes! i always find myself buying/wearing them...