nice stems

just spammed rachel on true north loves but had to post my favourite here.
what a great look. my next cut offs will be this style, they look amazing with those chloes.
src. justjared
+ seth and summer ♥


Stephanie said...

love the rachel post to match my mischas! so in tune lady!!! :) <3. the shot of her and adam kissing is too cute for words. i love adam. well as seth at least. having an oc marathon which was kicked off by the chrismukah season 1 episode. mischa was so gorgeous and totally made me go through a serious lacoste phase lol. seth reminds me of an ex-fling and every time i watch the show im reminded as to why it would never work: so cute. but so not a man yet. you know those types? lol.

i love the chanel flats so much but i think they, like the loubs, would be too narrow for my wide toes lol.

The dogs are my brother and sister-in-laws. the french bulldog is called Sugar and the british bulldog is Brutus. they are too cute together, esp. cause brutus is getting older and sugar is so doting on him. it's too much lol.


tori courtice said...

ahhhh, rachel is too good.
lovely blog, always a pleasure to read.

p.s i LOVE your wolf shirts.

tori courtice.

smalltownchic said...

i agree with the above, lovely.

Cindy Whitehead said...

Thanks for stopping by (-: And YES I LOVE my flip video - you are going to be so excited to use it - so easy to download and post.

Have a wonderful New Years!

Love this post you did btw (-:

Cindy Van Dyck said...

Lovely pictures!

Becky said...

Great outfits and I LOVE the Chanel bag!

I love it! said...

I love style Rachel! :D

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http://bienvenidaagradecidany.blogspot.com :)

Heini said...

They´re so lovely couple.

Virginia de la Reynares said...

Wow, Miss Bilson looks too gorgeous! She's always had this efforless casual style that is done just so; she always looks lovely. I want hair just like hers!

Goodness, I was able to restrain myself at Zara yesterday, despite the sale! They always sell out of my size in all the good clothes - both a good and bad thing, depending on my bank account! =)

Dominique said...

Rachel looks so cute here. I loved them together, especially in the OC. I think I watched all those episodes over 10 times now. Never get tired of it.

Faridah said...

I love dearest Rachel. Awww, Seth and Summer were beautiful.

diamondsinchampagne said...

I am so jealous, I wish I had her legs! She is such a great dresser, never ott but perfect