nyc 2009 part 1

hello again. i'm trying to get through the back log of outfit/travel posts so here is the start of nyc.
there's only going to be two post b/c i didn't take too many pictures this time. maybe if my sister has some good ones from her camera i'll do a third post later. the first day in the city was spent checking out the shops, but not buy too much, eating at cafe gitane (mmm couscous and hummus) and catching "the september issue" at sunshine cinema. these pictures are from monday where we breakfasted at magnolia, shopped until we dropped (how cool were the marc jacobs halloween windows? loved the skulls) and then hit the clinton street cafe for lunch and the brooklyn bowl for a few games. i won once and lost about 6 times.... my sister and i actually felt a bit sick after all this and ended up catching the entourage season 6 marathon on hbo to end our night. this was also the day of my three blondes sightings. ***these ash shoes are amazing. i wear them so much now after this trip, they're finally worn in and so comfortable.
sweater: aritzia
top: kate moss tee form the market
jeans: hudson
shoes: ash
scarf: zara.


Becky said...

Great photos, I love the skulls window display!

JINX said...

miu miu my poison

stephanie said...

you look gorgeous!!! love love LOVE the marc window!!!! so wish i would have seen it! though i was alone, so not sure who would've taken my picture lol!

love the shopping bags too! and the miu miu one esp: always so pretty! your hotel beds look comfyyyy: love that about hotels!

and you got to eat at clinton st bakery! was it delish?! we went to little giant cause it was too busy at clinton's.

and........i have that sweater too! so comfy eh!


Heini said...

Looks like you had some nice time!

monster said...

that windows are amazing.
love your outfit

anda said...

thank you so much for your sweet comment.

Antonio Barros said...

Have fun and enjoy the city! :)


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Madewell, it's one of my favorite stores. And the color of that Miu Miu shopping bag is so sweet, like cotton candy! You look like you had so much fun visiting the city.

the style spotter said...

love your scarf!


Jenny said...

I'm absolutely loving the scarf!
Lucky you getting to go to NYC & shop at Marc and Miu Miu!

Chasing Cherries said...

Love your outfit!!! And the Marc Jacobs halloween window is amazing!!

Lainey said...

I can't wait to go to NYC! I can't wait to see what are in those bags!

leflassh. said...

the skulls are freaking amazing!
and whattt did you buy lady??
so lucky.