belated christmas haulage

a little vlog, showing you what i got from santa and what i'm obsessing about lately.

look out for some more videos up in the next week.
good night lovelies xx


JOWY said...


One Love,

Heini said...

Lovely :DD

Stephanie said...

you got a flip camera!!!! so cool! i think you just sold me on it! cant wait to see the videos you make with it! i love that it's the size of a phone and you can just throw it in your bag. and the marc by marc macbook bag is amazinggggg! makes me feel like i need something a little more jazzy than my black "incase" one ;) and omgod the dior cherie bottle and PACKAGING are to.die.for!!! gorgeous!!!!!!!! i wonder if that scent would work on my skin....i have trouble with perfumes as many of them turn on me. i stick to the chloƩ eau de parfum because i figure it was made for me with all the compliments i get on it and marc's daisy and these days lola. though i think daisy fares better on me. have you tried daisy? it's great light spring scent imo.

the double breasted CM blazer- i saw it too and thought it was so fantastic! cant wait to see it on you. i left it behind cause i wasn't sure how i felt like the double breasted cut on me but i definitely think you're right- it's a classic cut.

i have a small family too and we're not extravagant either on the christmas gifting. my parents got me things for my new kitchen and my brother got me this massive chanel coffee table book that i wished for on amazon.

and lastly- i re-read books all the time! my favourite re-read being fitzgerald's beautiful and the damned. i just read the four toltec agreements- such a great read for personal growth. i def. suggest it because it's a super easy read (130 pages that are written in relatively big type) and i think if everyone read it the world might be a better place :)


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Anonymous said...

I love your laptop case, but Marc Jacobs still isn't particularly cheap in the UK and my dad won't treat me :(
I love CSI aswell, any detective-ish programmes really. The BBC does millions.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful !
I really like your sweet voice :)


bryna said...

cute video!

hippyhippychic said...

love your blog