happy ending

mossy in london.
i love the balmain pants, even if she doesn't bother to zip hers up.
the front zippers at the ankle are too great, something different. an accessible denim company needs to do this so i can actually afford a pair. she's also sporting a mulberry bayswater clutch. another reason to love her, i'm hoping to add two new items to my mulberry collection in the next little while but we'll see how it goes. happy thursday everyone! my washing machine is getting fixed today so i can finally deal with my clutter disaster this weekend.
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Alexa said...

Hey! I found a very watered down pair of black jeans with zippers in the front at J Crew. They just got them in. They are cute, black, super skinny and ankle length... check them out! They're not the same, but I feel a bit more wearable in Toronto, you know?

Happy New Year! x

stephanie said...

These pictures are incredible! LOVE LOVE LOVE what she's wearing here!!!! in fact, so much so that tmr im gonna wear my zara striped top with a leather skirt i think.

I saw a post on a blog today about how the mulberry alexa was launching today and i thought of you obv ;)
unfortunately the first quarter- at the very least- of 2010 for me is going to be very tight for money as i just found out im going from full time at the office, to two days a week max while i freelance from home. i think it'll be ok in the long run, but i definitely cant buy anything in the next little while on such a tight budget + with the upcoming move, furnishing the apt and another little surprise im financially planning for spring :) ill keep you posted when i know more :)

i hope all your mulberry bag dreams come true this year, lady!!!

and yay for a fixed washing machine!


diamondsinchampagne said...

Love leather pants, and love balmain so how can you go wrong. Ah Kate, she is fab

Glamour Bbey. said...

This look is stunning!

Taylor Sterling said...


The Sound of Lace said...

wow...does she ever do anything wrong?? love it all!
believe it or not, hot topic has a couple cute pairs of jeans with zippers like that...sounds ghetto but they are pretty cool.. just dont make eye contact with anyone in the store...ha ha


A said...

I love those pants...they're amazing! The zips, the cut...everything is perfect.

zoë said...

i was just gonna say, the balmain zipper pants look sooo hot unzipped.
kate makes it work.


hélène said...

This look is SIIIICK!!! If there's one thing i've been wanting for a while now, it's definitely leather pants (not to be confused with leggings!) - and these are the most perfect i've seen. Kate is an eternal inspiration.

Thanks for visiting me, you blog is frickin cool :)

divine bunny said...

the lady knows.

she did say that "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"

the woman is not even close to perfect but she knows whats up.

Heini said...

Looking awesome!

Victoire said...

i love her outfit! those zippers on her pants are so awesome.

Stephanie said...

hey lady- you know what i was wondering? did you get that coach bag you won from erika yet? :)


Anonymous said...

hello cindy! wanted to update you on this AWESOME goodwill location in north york (60 Overlea Blvd). you said you didn't like goodwill, but i think it's one of the closest thrift stores near the bridlepath/other well to do areas so there are AWESOME. things there!!

i got a roots leather shoulderbag for $6, a valentino crochet sweater for $1.50 and lululemon crops for $1.99, and an aritzia beach bag for $1.50 (they was 50% off)there was a lot of Holts items, Saks fifth avenue.. absolutely a dream. there was an alfred sung luggage/laptop case for 15$ a piece but my dad wouldn't let me buy it haha

let me know if you decide to go! =)

- jenn

Anonymous said...

She always look great!

Where is she?


Faridah said...

I love that she pulled this outfit out of nowhere surprising us all. Kate returnnnns!


awesome outfit....

Song of Style said...

love,love her outfit..