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nail polish | one of my favourite accessories.
it's clear that in the last few seasons chanel has lead the way in colour trends creating the much hyped and coveted jade of fw09 and the sure to be a sensation, taupe particuliere of ss10.
i wanted to share with you all the polishes that i love to wear so i did a little vlog on my nail polish collection and what colours/trends i'm loving at the moment.
i shot this video on my new camera so you can even watch it in hd if you are so inclined.


stephanie said...

im trying to watch this video and it keeps freezing and the suspense is killing me lol!!!!

so far, i love all the colours you're into. did you today's WWW? it was on taupe polish ;) great timing!

I love mod about you. you introduced me to it!

i have this weird "allergy" or something to polish, cause every time i paint my nails they split, no matter what the brand. but i dont care, i paint them anyways and then i force myself to take breaks! lol! my fave colour right now is from OPI's Hong Kong collection, Red my fortune cookie. its a gorgeous coral red.

and i love the video quality!


stephanie said...

finally got through it all lol! I was committed to see the whole thing haha!

i need to dry that séche vite thing (and you pronounced particulière right :) right now i swear by essie's good to go top coat which does all the things you described séche vite for doing. i end up doing my nails like 10 mins before i go to bed because its so reliable! and in the morning i wake up with a perfectly shiny and un-smudged mani :)


M a z p e said...

haha so cute, i have phases with nailpolish.. sometimes intense colors for months others just french manicure that ive mastered!


Anonymous said...

Hooray! Great vlog! I've always liked the nail polish you wear :)

PS. Seche Vite...Where is it available in Toronto?

Cindy said...

anon. they have it at the trade secrets in the holt renfrew plaza on bloor st. it's on the basement level of holts just across from american apparel. that's the only place i've been able to find it.

The Sound of Lace said...

so cute! great video!


monica said...

I love your polishes! It makes me want to expand my collection. I have the Chanel Particuliere color and it is amazing. The best part about it is I work at a bank and nail polish NEVER lasts for me but Chanel polish won't chip for a week!

JRA said...

LOVED this! Thanks so much for doing this video! Am going out on my lunch break to check out American Apparel colours and to buy the seche vite!

hélène said...

Fantastic video!!! You seem like quite the nail polish expert :) And this may sound like a really weird thing to say, but i love your voice - it's so soft and soothing hehe

For some reason i always gravitate towards the same colors... it's happened more than once that i bought the same colors in duplicate cause i forgot i had them lol. And i'm really liking those lavender colors, i'm thinking i'll be purchasing a shade of that shortly :) Although i have to admit, i don't really wear nail polish too often... my hands are so small that i find it makes my fingers look short and stumpy.. but also, i'm a little too frumpy - i just always let it chip off until it gets ridiculous!

But speaking of new colors, i highly recommend this new OPI color called metro chic, i got it last year and it's a sort of grey taupe (it looks like the polish from those ss10 chanel photos!). It's a very fresh color!

Alina said...

great video!love the chanel nailpolish!


mumbles said...

i'm looking for that chanel polish
and one orange too

nice collection

Becky said...

Great video. I love the America Apparel polishes you have, I don't think they're available in the UK yet though. I have a Rimmel shade that's quite similar to the discontinued one you showed and very similar to the AA one, it's called Rose Libertine. I really want Chanel Particuliere too, although I do have a similar Nails Inc one (Jermyn Street) which I've been wearing this week.

Anonymous said...

I never paint my nails, and when I do it's usually like a French Pink, but you've just inspired me to paint them a really vivid red I got from Nails Inc called Tate.

Also, I wore the tights out that you sent me, and they were really amazing, but then I fell into my garden fence when i got out of the taxi and snagged them! Heartbroken.

Ashley said...

Love the jade polish. The color du jour is the taupe now apparently.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info about where to buy Seche Vite! I've been trying to find it in the city, I will def check there :)

Fashion Chalet said...

I am the same way about polish. You don't want to see my collection. I even saved stuff from high school! LOL!


Fashion Chalet said...

PS: Where can I find the green shimmer one by Flare? / Flair? n the States, online? :)



Fashion Chalet said...

Thank you =)


Marina Siero said...

wow! i loooooove this nail polish and pics.
your blog is fab.

Jess said...

Definitely love the essie green one. And I've been loving the taupe color for a long time, but I have yet to buy one. Really love the dark, almost black, colors too! Unfortunately I don't wear nail polish too often because I bite my nails too short.

hélène said...

Yes - my zara boots were also made in black - which everyone and their mother has!! lol they made the black version for the fall, but i got mine in the summer and i'm pretty certain they only released them in "sand" color in europe (which is where i got them) cause there was a tag on them that said limited edition... but who knows?! lol But they're seriously the most comfortable shoes ever!

haha and you totally gave me the craving to paint my nails!! Gave myself a little manicure after i read your post the other day :)

Hope you had a lovely weekend :) xx

Kate. said...

Wow, you have quite a collection there. I love the colour you're wearing in the video, even though I'm not a fan of pink nail polish... x)

stephanie said...

thanks so much for the comment/compliment on stardust, lady! that girl is so pretty :)

how was your w/e? :)


stephanie said...

speaking of denim...i recently got the sevens guenevere's and thought of you because i think it was you? who had blogged about them before. they're amazing. they might even be better than my current/elliotts. def better quality. and so stretchy too! amazing in comfort.
im scared in terms of C/E quality.


bi-style said...

I love taupe nails! I got the O.P.I.Nailpolish "Over the Taupe" And I really love it!
PS. I love chanel!

the girl in grey said...

This is love.

little wise owl said...

picked up Commander in Chic a few days ago because you mentioned it in this video and I LOVE IT/can't stop looking at my hands. thanks for mentioning it!!