fresh haulage

hey lovelies! a little haul update. just some items i picked up at the winter sales and over the past month, featuring items from aritzia, zara, mulberry and h&m. i also debut my lovely coach contest win from erika's blog fashion chalet, not exactly what was expected but much loved all the same... xxc.


moi je joue said...

what i loved most about your haul was the disclaimer about your bangs.

Katherine said...

I really love your video posts.
I'm also going through the horrendous bang-growing-out period right now. I need to find some cute hair pins but it's proving harder than I thought.

Bisous Natasha said...

Love the video post! Great idea. Love the tee you have on !

the girl in grey said...

Never watched your videos before, but now I'm stuck. So I guess you could say I've watched too many to count.

Lainey said...

I love all of the stuff you got! Especially the paper/plastic wallet and the zara cardigan! gorgeous!

stephanie said...

i wanted to watch your video yesterday but i didn't have the time ;( but now im watching it and all your leopard finds are amazing! the first sweater comparison to Chloé's O/C made me laugh inside: you're gonna LOVE one of my upcoming outfit posts: I found a sweater at VV that reminded me so much of something and when i got home i did a chloé sevigny O/C search and...the VV sweater is REALLY similar in colour and print to hers...for $4! lol! amazing!

Aritzia and Wilfred: why aren't they in Montreal?...i don't get it. and it breaks my heart a little cause i love their Wilfred line....and your little typed comments in your videos lol!!! your hair looks GREAT!!!! :)

I have the Avedon "stretch" cut...but they are not stretchy at all lol! but the cut is amazing though. they are ankle grazing, skinny and black. i recently got the Sevens gwenevere's and they are soooooooooooo amazing! so stretchy and comfy. i havent even worn them yet!

Your Mulberry wallet is just gorgeous! GREAT purchase! it'll be perfect for clutches and smaller bags.

Good choice on the Coach clutch...love the contrast blue interior and i think blue's a great accessory colour for your style :) im sitting here nodding my head at your Coach/contest explanation lol! Too bad they didn't let you pick something worth $250 and pay the difference, cause that would have been a nice alternative too, eh?

Great video, lady! as always ;) xx


That leaves me a bit miffed. How can it sell out? I told them specifically to save a black one for my winner, which they did confirm? I'm very sorry. I'm glad you found something you liked though. In fact, the clutch is probably more versatile and useful. ;) Enjoy!


Hélène Heath said...

I gotta say, i absolutely adore your videos! I know i've said this before, but your voice is just so soothing! lol

Great purchases, i'm just mad over those jeans and your new leopard print Mulberry wallet - that's is i'm baptizing you wallet lady ;) Even that coach bag is like a wallet!!

Can't wait for the next video installment :)


Jillian said...

ooh i got the blue version of that wilfred top. don't know why it was $100 off but that works for me! hope you have a lovely weekend!

Alexa said...

I love that blouse! I bought it too!!! I've worn it so much!