going for gold

i really want an olympic coat.
the hudson bay company/smythe has done such a good job with the merchandise.
how freakin' cute is rachel. i just want to put her in my pocket she's so adorable. rach and her boy were in vancouver for the can/us hockey game this weekend.
every moment i'm at home the olympics are on, i've seen canada win all 7 of their golds so far and have never felt so patriotic. i really feel the games are truly uniting and energizing the normally reserved/humble canadian spirit.
oh, i wish i was in vancouver right now waving my red maple leaf mitts...


Jessica said...

OMGGGG!!!!! I was WONDERING if anyone was going to be wearing the Smythe HBC coat... looks like Rachel got her hands on it!! With the olympics, it seems like EVERYONE is wearing Hudsons Bay coats around!! OR maybe thats just cause i'm obsessed with them because they feel so Canadian and olympic-ish! Haha! Check out my blog, I just got a golden colour HBC Coat on ebay, there are a lot of them floating around, and for really good prices! I went to Kensington last week and saw a few, but of course sometimes they are damaged or have flaws, and one of them said "70 FLAT", as if to say the shop owner would not bargain. I think these are in high demand right now! On ebay there are some nice red ones with a black stripe!!

Jessica said...

Heres the link to my coat post:

If you are interested in a coat i highly suggest checking ebay!! I got mine for a very good price ($50 including shipping) and the condition is pristine.

Just thought I'd pass on a little tidbit :-)

Angela said...

oh my god! love this coat..

stephanie said...

omgod i want this one!!!! I haden't seen it yet! the only hbc olympic garb i've ever seen is the sportier pieces that are red with CANADA written on them
I'll have to scour eBay for this piece eventually i guess. but i don't even know if i could pull it off as well as Rachel or you would. I'm 5'9" and i think it's a really cute piece if i were a bit shorter, perhaps.
Anyways, rachel looks amazing!

and you changed your header!!!! so coincidental too cause i was thinking about headers the other day (ive been playing around with some fonts for mine but so far i dont like anything as much as whats up there now) and i thought of the TNS header and how since ive known your blog (since 08) you've had the same header. ive had the same one since the beginning too. and i LOVED your other header so much i thought it was so unique and still timeless and really suited you and TNS. but i TOTALLY understand the need for something more minimal ;) and the font you chose for the new one is amazing!!!!


stephanie said...

oh! and ive had the olympics one every day since it started too and somehow i seem to manage to see most of the Gold medal wins! i think ive seen five or six incl. last night's bobsled win. the girls were soooo cute it was amazing! also- did you see the german team that went before the gold-winning Canadian team?! OMGOD i couldn't believe my eyes as the girl flew out of the bobsled and the other girl stayed inside as the sled finished the slide upside down!!!! i thought for sure she would be wrecked. i cant believe she was as fine as she was. that sport and lugging and the other one that's head first are JUST BEYOND insane to me. so fast so scary. reminds me of when im boarding and i loose control and you're just flying down the mountain wondering when/how you're gonna stop.

imane said...

i loove her coat !

cheeky girl