hold tight


ZEUS said...

I love her boots and skinnies in this picture

Lolitta said...

She is just gorgeous to me..love the Longchamp line she is doing..not in my budget though :(


Glamour Bbey. said...

Damn her shoes! Fabulous!

Stephanie said...

This shot is gorgeous!! It's gotta be the March US Vogue, right?! I cant wait to get my hands on the march issues..i get them free from my dad cause he's in the magazines business but i have to wait till i see him which these days is rarely so when i finally see him im sure i'll have a whole lot of reading cut out for me! cant wait!

I'm DYING to find a chair like the one you thrifted for my new space but i don't even think i'll have any luck. we have amazing antique stores here but i really want to find a gem at a great deal :) im moving next week. the mayhem of moving is insanity esp cause i feel like im starting from scratch. but i know it'll all be amazing once im finally settled in :)


Paulina said...

love kate look
first time in your blog and i saw a lot of things in common
xo :)

Marjorie said...

aah she looks STUNNING.
love the boots and bag!
great blog :)
stop by some time xx

Heini said...

It´s crazy how everyone loves her. She must be one of the most admired persons ever. Hahhaa, like a 21th centurys Grace Kelly :DD

Jessica said...

You LOVE KATE! But then again.. who doesn't. I love her too!