isabel lucas a vision of candy confection in march's harper's bazaar australia and at the premiere of daybreakers below.she is so beautiful.
hope you all are well. i'm not going to make excuses for a lack of posts because all i can say is that fashion and life in general has been very blah lately. there's just nothing out there that has me excited. hopefully the upcoming shows and the arrival of all things spring in the shops will change all this. xxc. ohh... for all my uk readers, how amazing are naomi and effy looking this season on skins? just gorgeous.
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Lainey said...

Wow, she looks much better in the Viktor and Rolf dress than Rihanna did.

The Sound of Lace said...



Stephanie said...

I totally agree with Lainey^

I miss you!!!! I totally get it! I have been taking advantage of my new freelancing schedule to do more outfit posts which has been a nice change of pace from my crazy schedule over the last year.

i love all the recent images you put up on tumblr and i cant wait to see the leather jacket you (finally!) scored.
did you get your wallet yet?
my mandate cards finally shipped- cant wait to see them l i v e ;)

Also, h&m and lookbook are doing a contest for $100 in your country's currency to h&m. i entered, as per my most recent post and if you're feeling up to it, i REALLY think you could do a killer look for the contest ;) xx ♥




Jillian said...

I totally agree...everything has been pretty blah lately. Been finding it hard to post good stuff. But I love Isabel Lucas so this is such a good post!


Alexa said...

Amazing amazing post. I love her.

How are you watching Skins?? I lived in London last year and I watched it on T4 every week, but now I don't know how to watch it... brutal

Kate. said...

Yes, she is really beautiful. I love that pink and blue dress she's wearing.

You can watch skins on justin.tv, they ususally have live streams. I agree, Naomi and Effy look really good. And Emily too x)
I'm excited for tomorrow's episode.

tiny-lights said...

She's incandescent :)

Keep turning On: Tiny-Lights

Anonymous said...

gorgeous! she's really come a long way since home&away...

T.Hazel said...

love the first and second photos : )

CRISTA said...

Love her...she's so carefree

sguthrie said...

yay! go australians! she looks so beautiful all the time
i love your blog
if you have a chance, check out mine