the only male model

hungover josh from his twitter. iamjoshbeech.
all smiles.
the amazing josh beech. my favourite male model. not only is he incredibly hot but he has a great much attitude and such a genuine smile. i love his style too and all his tattoos and piercings. josh is quite accessible too, he tweets on the regular and leads up a band, snish.
src. tfs, twitter


SomedayNewYorker said...

Uhmmmm. Hot. I love the second to last photo.

Studded Hearts said...

i love josh!
that last pic of him is adorable.

Carly. said...

mm josh beech. So cute with abbey lee.

Have you seen Marcel Castenmiller? He's possibly an even bigger babe. x

Anonymous said...


emilly.victoria said...

I love love looove him! Your blog rocks!! So awesome to find a good Canadian one out there!



A and A said...

He is delicious!

Sherrie Cola said...

Josh has been around for ages now, there are also many a people rocking this style out there but great to see one as a model none the less.