vlog time

a look at some recent thrift/ebay and beauty buys.


Bianca and Isabella said...

that is an amazing sweater!!!

Joyce said...

i think i'll check out that nail polish! i've been looking for variations of the whole lavender/gray/beige/taupe-y trend in shades that i like.

Stephanie said...

I LOVE this picture sooooo much!! her daughter is soooo soooo cute! Its unreal.

and omgod you ARE ADORABLE on your tumblr!!!! LOVE that shot of you ;)


Stephanie said...

LOL im so impatient i didn't wait for the video to load and i thought this was the post of emmanuelle (?) and her daughter! sorry! ^above comment for the above post.

Just watched the video and i am in LOVE with the leather skinnies you got, the Topshop jacket and the leopard one!! They are alll such amazing pieces and the leopard jacket looks seriously fantastic on you!!!! I also really loved the cozy cardi-- amazing! Such great finds, lady! congrats!!! esp. on the topshop jacket which you wanted for so long ;) and i know what you mean...id love those helmut lang leather pants as well...but you got a great alternative imo.

I just watched your video with the CAN vs. USA hockey game in the background and Can won gold! You were watching, right?!! So amazing!!!!! what a way to finish off the olympics! Poor USA though...they honestly look depressed :( Sidney's fame is gonna skyrocket now!!


Anonymous said...

So glad to see that you're back! :) My favorite thing is the sweater - it's too bad grandpa shaped things look crazy on me, but they look great on you!