desperately seeking anna

anna (left) and rosanna (right)
i love wildfox favourite anna laryn . she is so playful and i think she looks so much like rosanna arquette in the early 80's. which of course only makes me like her more because if desperately seeking susan is in your top three favourite films you have a lot of love for rosanna aka, roberta/susan.
src: google/wildfox


Christina said...

I love Desperately Seeking Susan, and you're right Anna looks a lot like Rosanna!

gih said...

Wow! they are really wild. That's cool photos.

Stephanie said...

I still haven't seen that movie!
But the colours in these shots are incredible. love her blond hair with the blue sweatshirt. ♥ wildfox.


the park said...

skeleton jumper is great!

- s + a.