i think i'm in love

i wanted to thank everyone for chiming in on which bag they liked better below. although i'm still in love with the mulbery leah, i am leaning towards the balenciaga. it's such a classic and i've wanted one forever. the bad thing is after doing a bit more research trying to track down a dark blue version of the bag i posted (i love the green but dark blue is my dream colour) i discovered an amazing blue leather and a brand new bag shape for this season. now all i want is a balenciaga town in canard blue with regular hardware, although the giant rose gold hardware on the pic above is pretty bitchin' too. i need to track one down. i mean a bag in between the size of a first and a city with a long shoulder strap that can be worn cross body, it's made for me.
(above | left: the town shape in black with giant rose gold hardware | right: the first in canard with regular hardware | )


Anonymous said...

OMG. I love it. Seriously, it's love at first sight. I was at Holt's today admiring them!

J said...

WOW. I am in love. The new shape is just perfect. I love it!! Can you tell me where you found it? I am so clueless about all of this. I looked on the Balenciaga website and it didn't see this one. I absolutely love it! I love the black, how its distressed looking. I was also wondering where you found the dark green one. I love that color. SO gorgeous. What blue where you looking for? Is a different blue than the one you found? Sorry for all the questions I just find this so fun!

Tattoologist said...

can't believe you got to see Dree in person!!

I've had my eye on the new town shape as well, and being a cross shoulder bag definitely makes it all the worth while!

I know it's hard to part with hard earned cash, but that's more the reason to spend it on expensive accessorizes (bags, watches etc.) that are timeless which you can use over and over again and keep for AGESS, than to spend it on expensive clothes!

Jessica said...

Definitely Balenciaga. I really love the dark blue too.. because you can wear it with black + brown, and it will always work. I've always wanted a balenciaga too, I really hope you get it :) It will definitely be worth it.
When I saved up money to get one, I instead decided to get a bag for half the price because I was too scared of ruining the bag if I wanted to use it as an everyday bag, and spending THAT much on it. So I got a Rebecca Minkoff bag instead. It has lasted me great so far.. She is going to be at Holt Renfrew on Thursday!

Alexa said...

Oh dear oh dear. Tough choice! I've had the medium sized Balenciaga motorcycle bag for four years now, with regular hardware- and I must say, it was the best investment I ever made. You really can't go wrong. Regular hardware might be a bit more timeless- a bit more classic, but rose gold is warmer, probably a bit more exciting through all seasons.

Stephanie said...

I LOVE the one on the left!!!!!! gorgeous!!! you need it lol!


J said...

Hi! I was still wondering if you could tell me how you find the purses that aren't the norm? Like this new bag shape and the different colors of the other one? I love the dark green and dark blue!

Cindy said...

hey j. sorry for the delay. the blue is actually the first shape which is common it's just a new colour. the town shape is new. you can get the town through aloharag.com, or at department stores. like holts, barneys and balenciaga.com.

the canard blue is the blue colour.

the green is a step shape, which is old so you have to find it on consignment or on ebay. good luck!!
if you need more info on the bags or telling whether old bags ae fake or not check out the balenciaga threads on purseforum.com.