never enough

miu miu marvelous.


coy colleen said...

always so perfect
love your blog

mumbles said...

I think I could watch miu miu collection so many times in so many photos and I like it even more
really, awesome


Stephanie said...

Such a gorgeous shot, eh?! love it! great post!

and now that i've bombarded all your posts lol! I commented on the mulberry link one btw-- not sure how you get your comments- via email? just in case that one falls into the archive abyss!

cant believe that about Topshop! I lol'd at what you wrote about the shirt! I hope it's extra nice for you too! so disappointing, eh?! :(


Stephanie said...

How cuteeee are you?! posting me on your tumblr?!!! Thank you!!! and for the sweet sweet words :) the feeling is mutual, lady! I'm blushing cause i was not expecting to see myself there are all lol!! xx

ryder said...

jac is such an amazing person

MEF said...

nice blog!!

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2moss said...

the whole blogosphere is obsessed with the miumiu ss '10 collection :D
btw,i love your blog so much, actually it was one of the first fashion blogs i started following back in 2007 :)
check out mine if you have time!
xx, gyöngyi from hungary

smalltownchic said...

love this!

hey! so missiko.com gave me a straightener to give away, its like worth $300, so enter! there isnt to many entries, so your chances are good. :). its the first blog entry, at the bottom of the blog. ♥smalltownchicc

Wendy said...

I'm a sucker for the playful prints.

Taj said...

Miu Miu was just way to EPIC last season!!I'm still reeling over it!!<3

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

Oh I love it, those sheer sporty socks are adorable! xoxo

¶ Michelle said...

this is such a divine shot! I love this collection ;) also love your blog, following you!