red carpet stars

rachel mcadams in elie saab
miley cyrus in jenny packman
carey mulligan in prada
my favourite dresses from the 2010 oscars.
i loved rachel, she was so stunning. the elie saab dress had a gorgeous pleated bust that really flattered her small frame and the colours went perfectly with her eyes/hair and skin. she look like a walking monet painting.
miley surprised me because i wasn't expecting something so fresh and simple from her. it was youthful but still elegant and i adored the corset top and frothy skirt. so pretty.
carey was adorable. the prada dress was classic, but also quirky (it had little spoons sewn onto the bodice), which i think really spoke to carey's personal style. i adored the hemline and the shape of the skirt. her hair and make up were also flawless, delightful. (anon. thanks for the heads up on the name screw up, lol.)
i had to add this shot. stunner.


Kitty said...

Yeh they would be some of my favs too, kirsten and nicole also some of the better dressers. I really like that everyone is rocking the pale skin too!

Stephanie said...

I agree completely. Rachel looked STUNNING!!!!!! I was totally blown away when she walked on stage to present the award in the last shot you posted here. i missed the red carpet so this was my first time seeing her that night.

I also LOVED what Miley wore. she looked great. but her posture needs some work ;)

Im not usually into all these red carpets gowns cause it's really not my style but last night, i really thought so many of the dresses were gorgeous and the women looked amazing.
I loved Sandra Bullock's look too. I thought it was an Oscar worthy look even though i thought the award was in the bag for Meryl. Sandra's hair and Kate Winslet's hair looked amazing. I also love SJP's bun....i caught a glimpse of it during the five red carpet minutes i saw and she looked amazing.

I also thought Zoe Saldana looked gorgeous. The dress was busy at the bottom, but for some reason i really found she pulled it off gorgeous. i think it was the colour and the shoes! gorgeous! who else....oh Demi Moore! Stunning too. and Meryl looked so classy in the white suit and nude lip. LOVED that look on her. ♥ her A LOT!! lol.


Anonymous said...

It's Carey Mulligan not Casey Mulligan :)

mumbles said...

rachel was flawless


JRA said...

Good choices Cindy. I wasn't thrilled with Miley but I'm coming around now. I think Carey was my fave. And KStew. Okay, and Demi...

Lainey said...

Rachel just looked perfect. Absolutely perfect! Definitely my number one pick for best dressed of the evening.

Anonymous said...

i liked all these, except carey mulligan's dress.. i'm not really a fan of her style at all, but i'm definitely not a fan of miley's either, and i loved her dress...