i know we've seen it all before but....

my two favourite miu miu prints | cats and dogs.
i wish more of the dog print was actually available in stores.
little jack russels are just to sweet.
but, they are impossible to find so it looks like it will have to be the cats for me.


dodz said...

yeah! it's true, it is the north style

Jillian said...

maybe look for a pin? I think that's what I'm going to do! x

Angela Pluck said...

they are so amazing...i love the dog print too...can't find them anywhere..xoxo

K. said...

I like the cats... what can I say I'm a cat woman of late :)
This is definitely the most hyped Miu Miu collection in quite awhile, and with good reason. TOO amazing.
I don't know if you guys ever read Steph and Chris's 'Style Winners and Losers'.. anyways, a few weeks back Kiera Knightley wore a head to toe Miu Miu look which was gorgeous and they knocked it so hard. I often disagree with those buggers. Also, this week they knocked a fabulous dress Rachel Bilson wore... check it out: http://fashionism.ca/style_winners_losers/Articles/april12th_2010.htm?feedname=PHOTO_GALLERY_STYLEWINNERSLOSERS_APRIL1210&pos=2&nolookup=true

Anyways, sorry for being way off-topic... thought I'd throw that out there ;)


Unknown said...

Love the jewels

Hélène Heath said...

This was suuuch an amazing collection, i don't know why they didn't make more of the dog print... What piece are you getting??

Your comment about kitchen shots totally made me laugh.. i mean, what else is a girl to do when she doesn't have the novelty of a boyfriend/friend/whomever to go around the city with setting mini photo shoots!

And you've got quite the sharp eye.. my shoes look "designer" cause i believe they are Jeffrey Campbell's "take" on Lanvin fall 08 shoe. Ha!


Unknown said...

I'm seriously obsessed with this collection of Miu Miu, but I'm dirt poor and probably will never be able to afford anything. Le sigh...

Anyways! Thank you so much for showing love on my DIY Miu Miu tights on "le Cheap cest Chic"


Mumbles said...

I think all of us have seen so many miu miu photos... but I can't get enough
that collection was great

marley mumbles

stylista said...

I love Miu Miu! Those looks are so cool.

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iliketweet said...

Ohhhh, I adore Miu Miu, I literally couldn't see enough of this.

Laura Mackness for Weekday clothes and Benefit treats to win on my blog if you're interested!

tweet tweet tweet


Anonymous said...

I prefer cats than dogs :) but anyway they are very difficult to find both...